vivo mobile price in bangladesh 2023

Vivo mobile is one of the most popular smartphone brands in Bangladesh, offering an extensive range of models at different price points. The vivo mobile price in Bangladesh varies depending on the specifications and features of the devices. In 2023, it is expected that the prices of vivo mobile phones in Bangladesh will remain competitive, while offering new and improved features such as 5G connectivity, enhanced camera quality, and longer battery life. The latest vivo mobile releases in Bangladesh include Vivo IQOO, Vivo Y02, Vivo X90, and Vivo Y02A, with more models expected to be launched soon. Vivo is owned by a Chinese multinational company, BBK Electronics, which also owns other popular smartphone brands like Oppo and OnePlus. Vivo is currently the 5th largest smartphone vendor in world with over 100 million total shipments across One hundred countries. With its expanding market in Bangladesh, Vivo now has several showrooms and authorized dealers across the country, making it easier for customers to buy vivo mobile phones with full specifications, official and unofficial prices, and customer reviews.

Vivo Camera is better than other phone ?

 Vivo’s camera quality is considered better than many other phone models due to its advanced camera features and technology. Vivo has been innovating the camera technology in recent years, with the use of AI algorithms and high-end lenses, producing exceptional image quality. Vivo has introduced a range of features such as night mode, portrait mode, and many more advanced photography functions. The night mode feature ensures brighter and sharper images when shooting in low-light environments, and the incredible portrait mode automatically features like beauty mode embellishes the subject’s details with its algorithm technology. Vivo’s camera also boasts ultra-HD resolution with cutting-edge sensors, providing crystal-clear and high-quality pictures. Whether it’s for traveling, sports, concerts, or any other occasions, Vivo camera will undoubtedly capture every moment exceptionally, making your memories more beautiful and vivid. Thus, it is quite evident that Vivo’s camera technology outperforms many other company’s phone cameras.

Vivo best gaming Phone 

 Vivo is a Chinese multinational company that has been making smartphones since 2009. Vivo is currently the 5th largest smartphone vendor in world and has a huge market presence in over One hundred countries. Vivo mobile phones are popular in Bangladesh, with a wide range of models available at various price points. The latest Vivo mobile phones include the Vivo X90 Pro, the Y35 5G, and the V21s. Vivo started to expand its market outside of China in 2014 and currently has showrooms and authorized dealers in many countries including Bangladesh. Vivo is owned by BBK Electronics, which is also the owner of another popular Chinese brand, OPPO. Vivo has a reputation for delivering high-quality smartphones at reasonable prices and is a popular choice for anyone looking for the best gaming phone.
from where make vivo smartphone 

Vivo is better than any other phone 

Vivo is one of the best mobile phone brands out there, and it’s better than any other phone. The vivo mobile price bangladesh is very affordable, and they offer a range of mobiles that fit every budget. The 5G enabled phones make Vivo a great choice for anyone looking to experience fast internet on their phones. The vivo smart phones are available in different models like Vivo Y02, Vivo X90, Vivo Y02a, Vivo V27 Pro, Vivo S16 Pro, Vivo Y20g, and many more. Vivo is the 5th largest smartphone vendor in world, with a presence in over 100 countries. Vivo started its journey with four phones Vivo Y53, Vivo Y51, Vivo Y12a, and Vivo V27 Pro. Over the years, Vivo has expanded its market outside China and currently has showrooms and authorized dealers in Bangladesh. Vivo is owned by the chinese multinational company, which is also the owner of another popular Chinese brand, Oppo. Vivo is the third most popular brand after Samsung and Xiaomi, with over 100.7 million total shipments and a huge 36% growth in the previous year. The vivo smart phones offer high-quality cameras, good battery life, and excellent performance. If you’re looking to buy a new mobile phone in Bangladesh, Vivo is definitely worth considering.

why You buy vivo phone

There are several reasons why I choose to buy a vivo smart phone. Firstly, vivo smart phones are known for their high-quality cameras and photography capabilities, which is important to me as I enjoy taking photos. Secondly, the battery life of vivo smart phones is impressive and long-lasting, ensuring I can use my phone for a whole day without worrying about running out of charge. Additionally, vivo smart phones come with a unique and user-friendly operating system that is easy to navigate, making the overall user experience enjoyable. Moreover, vivo smart phones often come at a reasonable price point, making them an affordable option for those who do not want to spend too much on a phone. Overall, vivo smart phones offer a great combination of features at a reasonable price, which is why I choose to buy them. vivo mobile Bangladesh is most popular than other phone .phones price in Bangladesh are increasing day by day . 

Vivo battery long lasting 

Vivo smartphones are known for delivering long-lasting battery life. The company has designed their devices to have power-efficient processors and optimized software to reduce energy consumption. Moreover, the batteries used in Vivo smartphones are of high quality, allowing them to operate for extended periods without the need for a recharge. This is particularly beneficial for users who rely heavily on their mobile phone throughout the day. With Vivo’s energy-saving technology and durable batteries, users can enjoy uninterrupted use of their device. Additionally, Vivo offers fast charging technology that enables users to recharge their devices quickly, giving them the freedom to stay connected without worrying about battery life. Overall, Vivo’s long-lasting battery life helps to enhance the user experience, making it one of the top features of their devices. 

Vivo has been making inroads in the smartphone industry due to its unique design and great value for money. One of the key features that sets vivo smart phones apart from competitors is its processor capacity. vivo smart phones are equipped with powerful processors that are capable of delivering high-performance speeds. The latest vivo smart phones come with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors that allow for smooth multi-tasking, fast app loading times, and high-quality gaming experiences. Additionally, Vivo also integrates its own Funtouch OS which provides a seamless user experience, optimizing the phone’s performance. Whether you’re browsing the internet, streaming videos or playing games, the processor capacity of a vivo smart phone will never let you down. Overall, Vivo phones are a great option for those who require top-of-the-line processing power without breaking the bank.

Feathers of vivo smart phone 

The Vivo smartphone has a unique feature compared to other smartphones on the market. The Vivo smartphone feathers give it a distinctive look and feel. The feather pattern is visible at the back of the smartphone and gives it a premium look. It also provides a good grip, thus reducing the risk of slipping or dropping the device. The feathers are made up of polycarbonate, which is lightweight and durable. This makes the smartphone slim and easy to handle. The feather design adds a touch of beauty and elegance to the overall design of the smartphone. It is a great choice for those who want a unique and aesthetically pleasing smartphone. With its feather design and advanced technology, Vivo has created a smartphone that is a perfect balance of style and function.

Available model of Vivo mobile price in Bangladesh

Vivo mobile Model Price in Bangladesh
Vivo S1 21,990.00৳
Vivo S1 Pro 24,990.00৳
Vivo V11 23,990.00৳
Vivo V11 Pro 34,990.00৳
Vivo V15 25,990.00৳
Vivo V15 Pro 35,990.00৳
Vivo V17 Pro 39,990.00৳
Vivo V19 35,990.00৳
Vivo V20 27,990.00৳
Vivo V20 SE 22,990.00৳
Vivo V21 32,990.00৳
Vivo V21e 26,990.00৳
Vivo V23 5G 39,990.00৳
Vivo V23e 27,990.00৳
Vivo V25 5G 47,999.00৳
Vivo V25e 31,999.00৳
Vivo X60 Pro 5G 69,990.00৳
Vivo X70 Pro 5G 72,990.00৳
Vivo Y01 10,990.00৳
Vivo Y02 9,999.00৳
Vivo Y02a 11,999.00৳
Vivo Y11 (2019) 11,990.00৳
Vivo Y12 14,990.00৳
Vivo Y12a 11,990.00৳
Vivo Y15 16,990.00৳
Vivo Y15s 12,999.00৳
Vivo Y17 20,990.00৳
Vivo Y19 19,990.00৳
Vivo Y1s 8,999.00৳
Vivo Y20 13,990.00৳
Vivo Y20 2021 13,990.00৳
Vivo Y20G 17,990.00৳
Vivo Y21 15,999.00৳
Vivo Y21T 19,990.00৳
Vivo Y21T 19,990.00৳
Vivo Y22s 21,999.00৳
Vivo Y33s 23,999.00৳
Vivo Y50 19,990.00৳
Vivo Y51 19,990.00৳
Vivo Y53 8,990.00৳
Vivo Y53s 20,990.00৳
Vivo Y71 9,990.00৳
Vivo Y81 14,990.00৳
Vivo Y85 19,990.00৳
Vivo Y90 8,990.00৳
Vivo Y91 14,990.00৳
Vivo Y91C 10,990.00৳
Vivo Y91C 2020 8,990.00৳
Vivo Y91i 9,990.00৳
Vivo Y93 13,990.00৳
Vivo Y95 18,500.00৳

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