What is the 1st player CPU Cooler price in Bangladesh 2023?

In Bangladesh for the year 2023, the 1stplayer CPU coolers vary in prices depending on the type and model that you are looking to buy. The 1stplayer TS series of CPU coolers are the most popular and are available in different sizes to fit various types of motherboards. The TS 240 Thunderstorm ARGB liquid CPU cooler comes with a temperature-controlled 9-blade fan and a pure copper endothermic block. It’s priced competitively and is available in various online stores in Bangladesh. The TS 360 Thunderstorm ARGB liquid CPU cooler is a slightly pricier option but offers better cooling and stability. The 1stplayer MT240 and MT360 Mothra ARGB liquid coolers are also available in the Bangladesh market. You can find the latest 1stplayer price list in BD online and choose the cooler that best fits your budget and meets your requirements.

Why did you choose the 1st player CPU Cooler ?

In Bangladesh 2023, the price of 1stplayer CPU coolers varies depending on the model and features. The 1stplayer TS series is a popular choice, which includes the TS 240 Thunderstorm ARGB CPU liquid cooler and the TS 360 Thunderstorm ARB liquid CPU cooler. These come with temperature-controlled 9-blade fans, pure copper endothermic blocks, and water cooling with RGB lighting. The Thunderstorm models also come with ARGB software that can be fully displayed with compatible motherboards. Prices for 1stplayer CPU coolers in BD start from the lowest price of the 1stplayer TS 240 Thunderstorm RGB CPU cooler to the latest price of the 1stplayer MT360 Mothra RGB liquid cooler. Other features of 1stplayer CPU coolers include stable start and low noise, taking into account the quiet and shockproof capabilities. The latest 1stplayer price list in BD includes various ARGB liquid CPU coolers, such as the white-colored ARGB liquid CPU cooler that is compatible with Intel and supports 5v RGB sync with a motherboard. Shop around to find the best price for a 1stplayer CPU cooler in Bangladesh in 2023.

Choose the best CPU Cooler in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, it can be challenging to choose the best CPU cooler, especially as there are several options in the market. However, the 1stplayer brand of CPU coolers is among the best in Bangladesh. The 1stplayer TS series features the Thunderstorm RGB liquid cooler that has a temperature-controlled 9-blade fan, pure copper endothermic block, and Argb lighting. The TS 240 Thunderstorm Argb CPU liquid cooler and the TS 360 Thunderstorm Agb liquid CPU are also popular choices. These CPU coolers come with the motherboard Argb software that can be fully displayed, and they are compatible with Intel. They are also stable, have a low noise design, and are shockproof. You can find the latest 1stplayer price lists in Bangladesh and compare the prices, the lowest price can be found on their website, and they also support 5V RGB Sync with the motherboard. The white-colored 1stplayer MT240 or MT360 Mothra ARGB liquid coolers are also excellent options. You should consider CPU cooler price in Bangladesh 2023, as well as the lowest price in BD when making your choice. cpu cooler price in bd 1stplayer ts 240 comes mt 240 mothra argb liquid latest price of 1stplayer cooler at the lowest price easy price comparison thunderstorm is an argb liquid 1stplayer cpu cooler at best latest 1st player cpu cooler price list in bd 2023 find the lowest prices 1stplayer mt240 mothra argb liquid mt240 mothra rgb liquid cooler 5v rgb sync with motherboard price in bd 2023 1stplayer mt 240 mothra argb you can find these cooler near your shop. 

Physical Specification of 1stplayer cpu cooler

The 1stplayer CPU cooler is designed to provide effective cooling to your processor while maintaining a stylish appearance. The cooler’s dimensions measure 123 x 123 x 66mm and it weighs 690g making it compact and easy to install. The cooler features a fin density of 54 per inch, ensuring efficient removal of heat from your CPU. It has a maximum fan speed of 2400 RPM, producing up to 64.5 CFM airflow to ensure your processor stays cool even during intense gaming or heavy load tasks. The copper heat pipes used in the cooler have a diameter of 6mm, ensuring heat is effectively transferred from the processor to the aluminum fins. Additionally, the cooler features a 4-pin PWM fan connector, which helps maintain optimal fan speed for efficient cooling. Overall, the 1stplayer CPU cooler is a highly efficient and reliable cooling solution for your processor needs. buy 1stplayer cpu cooler lowest prices in bangladesh .  temperature controlled 9 blades fan  cooler at the best price  of 1stplayer ts GPU cooler 1stplayer price list in bangladesh 2023 can be bought in dhaka city . software can be fully displayed argb software can be fully best price from our website mirror water cooling with argb cooling fan cooler at best price

WARRANTY 1st player CPU Cooler . 

The WARRANTY 1st player CPU Cooler is a reliable and high-performance cooling system designed for all types of CPUs. This cooler comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and technical support to ensure customers that they are investing in a quality product that will last a long time. The WARRANTY 1st player CPU Cooler features a high-quality aluminum heatsink that efficiently dissipates heat generated by the CPU. It also comes with a high-pressure PWM fan that effectively cools the processor while maintaining low noise levels. The cooler has a universal mounting system that ensures it fits all types of motherboards. With this cooler, users can enjoy a stable and uninterrupted computing experience. If any issues arise, the warranty provided by the manufacturer fully covers the product, giving users peace of mind. Overall, the WARRANTY 1st player CPU Cooler is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to protect their CPU and ensure optimal performance.

Why 1stplayer cpu cooler good for the GPU ?

The 1stplayer CPU cooler is good for the GPU because it helps to maintain the optimum temperature of the graphics card. Graphics cards tend to heat up quickly, especially during high-performance tasks such as gaming or video editing. If left unchecked, overheating can damage the GPU and decrease its lifespan. This is where the 1stplayer CPU cooler comes in. It is designed to dissipate the heat generated by the GPU and keeps it cool. By doing so, it prevents the graphics card from overheating and prolongs its lifespan. Additionally, the cooler helps to improve the overall performance of the GPU by allowing it to operate at its maximum potential. 1stplayer cpu cooler price 1stplayer ts 360 thunderstorm argb  cooler price list in bangladesh  cpu cooler at best price or cpu cooler at the best With its efficient cooling system, the 1stplayer CPU cooler is a great investment for those who want to get the most out of their graphics card.

1stplayer cpu cooler, best price in Bangladesh .

The 1stplayer CPU cooler is typically considered one of the best coolers available in the market. With its advanced design and high-end technology, it keeps your CPU operating at its best capabilities. It ensures that your device does not overheat and keeps the temperature stable even during intense gaming sessions. The good news is, the 1stplayer CPU cooler is now available in Bangladesh at the best price possible. You can purchase it online or in one of the leading computer hardware stores near you. With its excellent quality, durability, and affordability, the 1stplayer CPU cooler is an excellent investment for anyone who wants to keep their computer running smoothly for a long time to come. So, hurry up and grab yours today!

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